Dining Guidelines & Attire Standards

Dining Guidelines & Attire Standards


Guest attire can elevate or diminish the experience of others. We consider hats, tank tops, flip flops, and team athletic attire too casual for our restaurants. Our staff takes pride in their appearance and we ask our guests to respect our attire guidelines.


• To best accommodate all our guests, we ask that large parties arrive together in order to be seated. We allow a 15-minute window for your reservation however, beyond that time we can no longer guarantee your table as we try and accommodate other patrons.

• In order to accommodate all our guests and for everyone to have an enjoyable experience at the Cast Iron Chef, we ask that you adhere to the following table times for your reservation. For tables of 1-2, we allow an hour and a half for your reservation. For tables of 3-4, we allow two hours for your reservation. For tables of 5-6, we allow two and a half hours at the table, and for tables of 8 or more we allow a max of 3 hours at the table. Thank you for your cooperation.

• While we consider special requests, modifications are not always possible as they can impact the focus of the kitchen and the integrity of many dishes.

• Please notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions so we can better accommodate your requests.

• While we do not offer split checks, we can accommodate up to 4 forms of payment for your bill. If you are joining us with a large group, we suggest everyone bring cash or use of Venmo or other money transfer services.

• Outside desserts are welcome however you will incur a $3 per person dessert fee. We will happily cut or serve your dessert and partake in any celebratory song.

• Our restaurants are generally not the best environment for young children. We welcome families, but we ask parents to keep children at the table and calm vocal infants or youngsters outside of the dining room. We do not offer a children’s menu however we have other delicious food options suitable for children.

Premium Quality
Attilio, the Cast Iron Chef, has spent over 14 years developing his recipes used with the cast iron pans and his reward has been the phenomenal accolades.
Cast Iron Cooking
Cast iron cookware has been used for over two thousand years and is valued for its durability, its ability to retain heat, and to maintain an evenly cooked item especially over uneven heat; thus improving the quality of the food.
Cast Iron Cooking
A proper cast iron seasoning protects the cookware from rusting, provides a non-stick surface for cooking, prevents food from interacting with the iron of the pan and enhances the flavor of the meat.